Founded in 2016, we strive to accomplish outstanding business deals and projects in a responsible, efficient, fair and honest manner from the initial selection process all the way to the successful implementation and goal achievement.  We offer our innovative perspective and strategies in different lines of business generating value and positive results for our clients, associates and the community.

Our portfolio of services and expertise covers

Trading physical commodities, such as fuels (primarily JA1, EN590 and D6), mining (primarily coal and gold) and agricultural (primarily sugars –mainly IC45 and IC 600 1200, grains,rice and oils for human consumption).

Water treatment application of the patented 3S technologies. SSS Technologies Corporation (3S) is a circular economy WTE organization, specialized in the sustainable management and revaluation of water resources, the disposal of toxic sludge and the associated generation of clean energy.

Engineering Design Management of agricultural business / projects mainly in Latin America.
Technology solutions with artificial intelligence – AI.

Investment management through banks or private equity funds

It is necessary to clarify that our services are offered selectively. In a world where opportunities abound, we choose methodically those businesses of our greatest interest and management capacity. We focus on few and select projects to guarantee satisfactory results.

Our team

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of project management, business structuring, marketing and implementation.

Carlos Santanilla

Carlos is an industrial engineer with a distinguished international career, specialized in advising and developing commercial strategies, as well as obtaining resources for the financing of projects in sectors as varied as real estate, energy, commodities, retail and new technologies.  His global experience has been enriched by his residence and work in various countries in Europe and North America, where he has forged an extensive network of key contacts in different economic sectors. This international background has allowed Carlos to achieve synergistic and complementary work teams, using his network of contacts strategically to achieve concrete and beneficial results for all parties involved, reaching more than 100 million dollars in transactions. His ability to navigate different cultures and economic markets, positions him as an effective and visionary leader, capable of driving projects and businesses with a global reach and an innovative vision.

Some of our Partnerships

Strategic Alliances

Futhermore we have developed different strategic alliances with an elite group of lawyers, consultants, engineers and financial advisors who work with us to meet the required objectives, giving an added value that exceeds the market standards

Social Responsibilities

We take our social responsibilities very seriously in all aspects pertinent to providing our services to our Clients, Partners /Allies and the Community. This will include: Equal Opportunities, Respect for our Natural Environment, Health & Safety, Transparency, Due Diligence and Fair Trade practices.